The Traveller

The invitation
IT arrived yesterday, the Invitation for Holidays In Greece to stay at “My House” in Eressos, Lesbos.
Cute, but what about the street number, the street’s name?
“We don’t have these things here,” she said. LoL.
LoL indeed.
I trust the visa people will understand.
They might, when I tell them the postal address is a single post office code (the same for everyone in the village), Lesbos, Greece.

Eressos is a village that started rising in about eight to six centuries before Christ, according to Wikipedia.
It had a population of 1130 people in 2001 (that may be the whole municipality, I don’t know. Point is, it’s not a metropolis).
Sheep and goats, and olive trees, they outnumber human beings. There is a whole lot of sky and fresh air.
I haven’t heard the sound of olive trees. Nor have I seen their leaves bob and sway.
I long to set my nose along their leaf-skin’s silhouette. Do they tremble in the breeze?
Olive trees.

From the web:
“Eressos makes a brief appearance in the novel Sure of You, the sixth volume in the series Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin. In the chapter entitled “The Third Whale”, Skala Eressou is described as a seaside town with concrete buildings and a beach of coarse grey sand. Some places in the town are described. These include the shop on the square where Mona found the key rings inscribed with the name “Sappho”, the hotel called “Sappho the Eressian” where Mona stays in a spare, clean room with a single bed and a lone lamp, the big grey bluff at the end of the beach where more nude bathers were gathered, and the famous tents put up by the women who were part of Sappho’s tribe.”

From the web SERIAAS :: Land usage in Lesbos

Click to access kizoskoulouri.pdf


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