The Traveller

Lucky number

UM …. 11 more sleeps!

Until you lift off into the sky and wave Joburg’s twinkly lights goodbye.

They’ll blink, you know, as you turn to the window and peer into the dark; a lingering look at the pulsing metropolis.

One last cheerio as emotion rises, higher than the Brixton tower, and Jozi coughs under the night’s coal-smoke blanket.

Your face turns to the summer, where your heart already is.


Today, though, you’re thinking Legs Eleven (11), a term you heard as a kid, when there was dice or a card game of Bingo going on.

Now, you’re in the grasp of the paranormal, of numerology.

So you look it up, on the internet. 11.

Ah. A master number, doubly potent because it is a reflection of the other, but separate.

Intuition. Patience. Honesty. Sensitivity. Spirituality.

It is an idealistic number, says

The Twin Flames. Parallel. Transition.

Higher ideals, invention, refinement, congruence, whispers

Balance, fulfillment and vision.

There’s more. she sighs. The number’s vibrational frequency balances masculine and feminine traits.

The sages concur … sun and moon too, perfectly aligned, balanced.

Yes, 11 means you’re on the right track, with integrity.

You can hold your head high, yes, but don’t put your nose in the air and think you piss eau de cologne.

For the number 11 is not significant only in numerology. It lives in all sorts of things.

Such as the Mariana Trench, in the Pacific.

It includes the deepest part of the ocean, an 11km drop into the darkest of the dark, called the Challenger Deep.

The GPS coordinates are 11″ 21′ North latitude and 142″ 12′ East longitude  for this 2 542km x 69km trench that, apparently, submarines like to negotiate.

You can pack away your little snorkel and goggles though, and instead, ponder the beliefs and knowledge around the number 11.

The 11th hour. Elevenses for tea, and so on.

All you know is that your flight leaves on the 11th, on the cusp of a full moon, a symbol of a beginning.

Destiny’s got your number.



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