The Traveller by Afrodykie

All cut up

YOUR left thumb is lacerated. You were cutting too fast.

But the food was tasty, they said.

You didn’t eat anything. You’re not hungry for food.

Anyway, you make stuffed calamari; you have to clean it, and everything.

You fill it with traditional feta and dried oreganum, and slowly cook it in a pan that’s drenched in fresh garlic, butter and South African olive oil.

You take two whole fish, gut them, and leave the scales on. 

Inside you put chopped green pepper and onions.

And butter and lemon.

You wrap them in tin foil, and lay them side by side, in the oven.

There’s a green salad too: lettuce, lemon, apple, strawberries, some cherries.

Oh, and tomato. And walnuts.

It looks beautiful. It looks like love.

They eat. They go. And leave a melon gaping on the table.(ends)


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