The Traveller by Afrodykie

The Traveller by Afrodykie
K is for … Kiss Kiss and Kiss Again
KISS KISS bliss bliss, you write in your other life as the (unpublished) poet, RMD.
You love the locking of lips, the tease of the tongue; oh the smell of her breath as she aims for amour.
You wanna suck face, babeeeee?
But you’re not the expert, not even after years of devoted and intent practice.
Hugh Morris is.
“When you have made a complete round of the lips, return immediately to the centre bud and feast there,” he writes in his 1936 illustrated treatise, The Art of Kissing.
He knows that Kisses are Preludes to Love.
“Be so close that the rise and fall of each other’s bosoms is felt by one another,” an extract from his book advises on a post in
Kissers take him seriously.
An online customer, in a review of the book, said: “What I found particularly insightful was the overarching philosophy that a kiss is really a poetic piece of art — to be slowly savoured, deliberately dwelt upon, and absorbed by all the senses.”
He was pleased with the results of applying the information he had garnered.
“She’s a goner,” he said.
“I tried to explain to her that since I was far less experienced in kissing matters than she, I should be given another chance. She relented, I read the book, and the last time we were together, I guestimate that we kissed 12 960 times over a four day period.”
Yes, it all starts with a kiss.
It’s a sublime indication of surrender; you succumb to a mutual attraction with a kiss.
Morris’ book mentions many types of kissing, and it’s best to develop a repertoire.
The auto-erotic almost-asphyxiation kiss, the vacuum kiss is one of them.
You suck life’s air from each other’s hot mouths: your lungs just about burst — it’s a kiss that takes trust, trust to create a burning beautiful burgeoning lust.
“In a very short while, the air will have been entirely drawn out of your mouths. Your lips will adhere so tightly that there will almost be pain … But it will be the sort of pain that is highly pleasurable … Pain becomes so excruciating as to become pleasurable,” Morris writes.
The 47 page manual also mentions the spiritual kiss (you think all kisses are spiritual, dammit) and the eyelash or butterfly kiss, that tender and ticklish entwining of the hair on your lids.
But you like to start, sometimes, with the friendly Eskimo kiss: rub noses and please, grow up and resist the mischievous temptation to combine it with the lizard kiss ie making your tongue dart out to separate her lips for better things to come.
Don’t startle her, for Pete’s sake.
If she hesitates, gently take her hand and kiss the back of it. Let your lips become a sort of mist settling on a flower.
You could then embark on a journey up her arm (the inside of her arm, you klutz) and linger at her inner elbow.
Navigate towards her ear lobe and remember, it’s a delicious detour on the way to her moist and marvellous mouth.
No racing!
You’re probably breathing quite heavily now so try not to blow a gale through your nose onto her tympanic membrane.
You don’t want to be responsible for those types of reverberations.
You need her to be still so you can nibble, sort of absent mindedly, on the lobe, the seat of many nerve endings and rushes of blood, like the other erogenous zones of her body: armpits, behind the knees, lower back, navel area — oh the entire skin throbs for touch.
So ferret around her neck too, while you’re about it.
Because you’ll probably want to move on to, thank you, to the piece de resistance, the French kiss, the tango of tongues that’s surely a precursor to the mattress mambo.
While the going’s good, and your tongues need a break, try the single lip kiss.
Take either her bottom or top lip into your mouth. Explore it. You have teeth too, remember. So dowhat you will with that lip, provided of course your biting is one step short of a piranha’s.
Of course, if this is all too much for her, all this arms, legs and boomsie daisy, you can always say: Boogaloo, let’s dance! You’ll slowly draw her closer, and closer, until you’re wrapped in the eloquent and erotic dancing kiss – the hip to hip lip to lip kiss. It’s one way to sway her!


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